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EARTO - Policy Event and Innovation Awards

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Annual Event


For a second time this year, the European Association of Research and Technology Organization (EARTO) collaborated with OFCORES for the organization of the October Events’ online edition.

A new and innovative stage setting has been created, including a “human-size screen” to dynamically interact with the online participants and to virtually teleport EARTO's president onto the stage. The live event, broadcasted to 500 participants, comprised 15 remote live speakers and several video productions.



The October Events consisted of two events – namely the EARTO Policy Event and the EARTO Innovation Awards.

During the EARTO Policy Event a “human-size screen” featured the virtual moderator who accompanied the in-studio moderator. For the EARTO Innovations Awards, we made awards being shipped to 6 different countries and handed over virtually during the live streaming, after the virtual moderator’s announcement.

Other virtual event solutions that have been covered by OFCORES were script creation, camera training for the moderator, video creation, stage design, and two days of rehearsals.

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Event management
  • Supplier & venue negotiations, contracting & management
  • Virtual event conceptualization assistance & best practices
  • Logistics management
  • Plant & flowers wall/LED screen integration/stage design
  • On-site management
  • Catering management
  • Printing services
  • Award design & creation
  • Implementation & enforcement of COVID-19 safety measures
  • Script creation and technical support
  • On-screen title designs
  • Full technical rehearsals
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Efficient communication
  • Provision of technical guides for speakers & moderator
  • Moderator training support
  • Video content coordination
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Innovative technology
  • AV solutions
  • Expert live-streaming integration online
  • Dynamic LED screen design
  • Great quality sound & light solutions


For a second consecutive time, OFCORES broadcasted a captivating virtual event for EARTO from our studio set-up at the Filatuur. We made sure to create an interactive and innovative event that brought altogether representatives from RTOs, EU institutions, industry as well as other key R&I stakeholders. For that purpose, we set up a floral theme in line with the EARTO branding, as well as other audiovisual features.

Remote live speakers