Forum Europe | OFCORES

Today, Forum Europe and OFCORES are thrilled to announce a joining of forces on our respective current and future client projects.


In doing so, we're bringing together the collective strengths of more than 40 international event professionals, communication experts, design and marketing creatives, and a leadership team enriched with extensive policy and public affairs experience.

We’re not in the business of talking about ourselves. We usually prefer to let our work do the talking. But we're excited to explain today a little about what we have in store in the coming months.

Jean-Baptiste and Sofie (OFCORES), and Dan and James (Forum Europe) met way back in 2006. We were all (much) younger and still finding our feet in the world of events. Since then, we have cooperated, competed at times, but always supported each other’s journeys.

Why Forum Europe | OFCORES?

One of the things we’ve learnt over the last 20 years, is that while you’ve got to pay the bills and get your work done, who you work with and the relationships that you develop are as important. This goes for the teams around you and the partners and clients who trust you.

This cooperation has been a real meeting of minds, and we’re already rolling out new services and enjoying the company and skills of new team members.

We will be further expanding the events we produce under the Forum Europe | OFCORES banner, and we will be announcing further news on the company's development in the coming months.

It's our belief that this joining of forces marks a pivotal moment in the fast-moving events industry.  WIth our combined expertise, we share the vision of building the events agency of the future. For now, whether you’re an existing client or partner or interested in learning more about how we can work together, do get in touch. We’d love to talk to you! ​